We want to ensure that everyone attending our reunion event has a safe and enjoyable experience. In order to maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere, we kindly request that all attendees adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Respectful Behavior: Treat all fellow attendees, organizers, and venue personnel with kindness, respect, and courtesy. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. No Weapons: For the safety of everyone present, weapons of any kind, including firearms, knives, or any other potentially dangerous objects, are strictly prohibited at the event.
  3. Non-violence: Engaging in any form of physical or verbal violence, including threats or intimidation, is strictly prohibited. We expect all attendees to resolve conflicts and disagreements in a peaceful and respectful manner.
  4. No Outside Alcohol: The event will provide a selection of beverages for purchase. Outside alcohol is not permitted on the premises. We reserve the right to refuse entry or ask individuals to leave if they are found to be in possession of outside alcohol.
  5. Compliance with Local Laws: All attendees must comply with local, state, and federal laws during the event. Any illegal activities or substances will not be tolerated, and appropriate actions will be taken if such activities are discovered.
  6. Responsible Drinking: We encourage responsible alcohol consumption. Any attendee who appears to be intoxicated or disruptive may be denied entry or asked to leave the event. Please arrange for safe transportation if you plan on consuming alcohol.
  7. Photography and Consent: Respect the privacy and comfort levels of others when taking photographs or videos. Seek consent before capturing someone’s image and be mindful of sharing images publicly on social media platforms.
  8. Compliance with Venue Policies: Follow all rules and regulations set forth by the venue hosting the reunion.
  9. Compliance with Reunion Organizers’ Instructions: Cooperate with the instructions and guidance provided by the reunion organizers to ensure a smooth and successful event.
  10. Consequences of Non-compliance: Failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in denial of entry, removal from the event, or other appropriate actions deemed necessary by the organizers.

By attending the reunion event, you acknowledge and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and understand that any violations may result in disciplinary action, such as being banned from attending future events.